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Khushboo Gupta

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Where can I find the best love poems and love quotations?


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With the increasing use of the internet, every writer can reach thousands of people at a time and platforms dedicated to prose and poems has made it easier for both the poets and readers. Whilst there are numerous platforms where one can find love poems and quotations. It depends on the writer to make a poem sound soothing.Letsdiskuss

With the increasing use of social media and its popularity almost every profession, service etc. is available on social media. Likewise, love poems and quotations are also available. There are different apps, the most important of them are Facebook and Instagram where you can simply go to the search bar and type love poems and you will get many pages where you can find the best poem for you. Also, these platforms a wide variety at the same time and ease things for you.
Saying about websites, there are few where you can find a large number of poems.
1. Pinterest – It is a wide-ranging platform where you can find images and ideas for almost everything. It provides a lot of both Hindi and English poetry. It can serve you with what you just search for.
2. Pages like poetryfoundation, familyfriendpoems, bookriot, are some of the wonderous websites serving the best English poetry from different poets worldwide.
3. Pages like hindipoem, quoteslifetime, hindijaankaari, hindishortstories and many more pages giving you the best of Hindi poetry from different poets.
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