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ravi singh

teacher | Posted 18 Sep, 2020 |

Which country's mythology is similar to Hindu mythology?

mahesa rasim

Blogger | Posted 21 Sep, 2020

Over the world, while they are unquestionably totally different in beliefs and idiosyncrasies, there can be matches drawn between numerous accounts. Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Hindu fantasy. Presently you may reveal to me they are so unique, yet do they not have some basic topics? (Megasthenes is said to have drawn many equals) The capturing of a sovereign prompting a war, during the cycle of which a city is singed? Somebody provoking demise to recover the life of their dead companion? Why? Since every one of these accounts are stories of how individuals acted, and all things considered, everybody is human. Generally comparable however, will be the folklore of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, and so on for exactly the same explanation. The individuals are more comparative. Their societies are more comparable, subsequently their accounts are more comparative................

ravi singh

teacher | Posted 20 Sep, 2020

Greek folklore draws numerous equals with Hindu folklore.
1. The Greek epic Iliad begins after a conjuring to Muses, the nine Greek goddesses of discourse and learning. So also the Hindu epic Mahabharata begins after a summon to Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of discourse and learning.
2. The summary of Iliad and Mahabharata incredible shifts yet a comparability can be drawn between the fundamental subject of both the stories. Both the sagas depict an extraordinary war and a hero female character supporting the reason for the war. In Iliad, the kidnapping of Helen was answerable for Trojan War. In Mahabharata, the embarrassment of Draupadi in the betting match was answerable for Kurukshetra War.
3. A scene in Trojan War and Kurukshetra War has some similitude. In Trojan War, Achilles was frantic with pain when he heard his dearest companion Patroclus was executed by Hector. Achilles pledged to kill Hector the following day. In Kurukshetra War, Arjuna was frantic with despondency when he heard his child Abhimanyu was slaughtered inside Chakra Vyuha. Arjuna pledged to kill Jayadratha the following day. Anyway from a more extensive perspective, Karna was one of the warriors answerable for Abhimanyu's demise. Subsequent to murdering Jayadratha, Arjuna promised to slaughter Karna.
4. The peak of Trojan War is the battle among Hector and Achilles, in which Hector is slaughtered by Achilles which guaranteed triumph for the Achaeans. The peak of Kurukshetra War is the last battle among Karna and Arjuna, in which Karna is murdered by Arjuna which guaranteed triumph for the Pandavas.
5. The passing of male heroes of both the legends has a closeness. In Iliad, Achilles kicked the bucket when a bolt shot by Paris penetrated his heel. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna surrendered his life when his heel was punctured by a bolt shot by a tracker named Jara.