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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

Which of your investment decision has been the best till date?


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

DON’T SAVE MONEY – This has been one of my best investment decisions till date. Sadly, I didn’t make it earlier in my professional life. It dawned on me only when I was in very bad financial shape.

About 9 years back, I would work in an IT firm. I would save a part of my salary in my bank account every month, hoping it would accrue one day. I was planning to use this amount to fulfill my dreams once it gets big. Sadly, it never did. I worked for years and that amount stood to peanut size. I couldn’t have afforded even traveling to the next city let alone holidaying in a different country. And then one day, my mum’s health deteriorated, and we not only had to spend all the savings on her health care, but we even had to take a medical loan from the bank. She’s fine now btw.  
This made me wonder how, even after working hard for so many years, I failed to have enough money to even afford to take care of my parents. And this is when I realized, while I must find ways to increase my streams of income, I must also not save my money in the bank. The latter one I now believe has been one of the best investment decisions for me till date. Instead of just stacking my income in the savingsaccount (which I believed was a kind of modest investmentthat time) and thinking the added interest rate would make it grow, I decided to take up other tactics.
One of the first things I did was steer to stock market. It was quite an obvious decision for a newbie like me. In the initial stages, I did struggle a lot. There was a lot to learn and take care of. I felt overwhelmed and even lost some money in the first year. Following, I continued learning, gaining new knowledge every day, planning how to improve my returns. And eventually, after 20 months or so, things did a U-Turn, and one of my investments in one particular company yielded me a big return. Few years from then, I reached to a point when I was making a full-time income from the stock market. 
Moving on from there, I invested some money in mutual funds, as well as other assets, including Bonds, IPOs, Gold and Post Office Schemes. However, the next big moment came for me when I re-invested all my profits and purchased a residential property, whose price now have increased by 50 percent. And I expect it to be double in value in 2 years from now.  
Mututal fund
Currently, I have put my money in diverse avenues—nearly all of them are yielding me consistent real return without any interference from me.
Only last year, I entered the crypto market. Bitcoin and Litecoin have returned me big profits. Ethereum, TRON, andRipple have turned out to be a bad choice for now. Although the entire market seems like crashing right now, I am still hopeful that the whole cryptocurrency market with flip and bring more riches to the investors in as less as 10 months from now.  
So, in short, not saving has been one of my best investment decisions to date. And I suggest you follow it too.