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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 15 Apr, 2019 |

Which policies of Narendra Modi have actually benefitted the public?

Mayank Gupta

@Mayank | Posted 16 Apr, 2019

Modi in his tenure of 5 years as a Prime Minister of the country, launched various schemes for the welfare of the public. But how far has these schemes benefited the poor people or the real beneficiaries of the scheme.
The various schemes launched by the PM are as given.

1. Starting with the jan dhan yojna. Under this bank accounts of the poor people were opened free of cost and the various benefits of the government will be transferred into these accounts. The govt has the different data of how many accounts have been opened. This scheme has been to a very extent been useful and is aiding the governments intent of digitalisation.

2. 100% village electrification is said to be the another milestone to be achieved by the ruling party. But the truth is different. Many villages are there in East UP and Rajasthan and other north Indian states where there is no electricity and people still are dependent on lanterns. Smiley face

3. Ujjwala Yojna is considered to be the biggest achievement by the ruling party. 33 crore rural households are said to be benefitted from the scheme. But the reality here is also somewhat different. The government has spent a lot on its advertising about the ujjwala yojna with banners and hoarding at every petrol pump. The benefits is not received by these number of households as said by the government data. 
4. There are other schemes as well such as PM kisan. Under this scheme ₹2000 will be transferred to the poorest farmers every month. Till now 2 installments have been paid by the central government. 

Some more schemes have also been introduced. There are the real beneficiaries as well but the situation is not as bright as shown in the advertisements and shown by the government stats.

Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted 15 Apr, 2019

In his tenure of five years as the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has introduced many policies for the benefit of the public. Mere introduction, however, does nothing. The execution of most of these policies is in highly poor condition. Despite this, there are some policies which have actually brought some change in these five years. The public has reaped advantages from these policies, without any loss.

pradhanmantri-ujjwala-yojana-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Livemint)

One such policy is Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Under this scheme, the Prime Minister promised to provide LPG gas cylinder to more than 5 crore poor households. Although the government couldn’t achieve the target of 5 crores, it has successfully provided the LPS gas cylinder to around 2 crores households. All these families have received the gas cylinders free of cost. The direct benefit of this scheme is to the home-makers. This is said to encourage women empowerment as well.

The main aim of this scheme was to eliminate the long prevalent tradition of cooking where women had to suffer extensive heat and smoke due to the unavailability of LPG fuel. Now, almost every home has an LPG cylinder for cooking. And this is happening nationwide.

So this one policy of Narendra Modi has not just been successful, but revolutionary as well.