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Who is Abhiraj Bhal?


ceo | Posted

Abhiraj Bhal is the CEO and Co-founder of Urban Company (erstwhile UrbanClap).

His full name is Abhiraj Singh Bhal and he holds a bachelor of technology degree from the IIT-K, and a MBA from the Indian Institute of Ahmedabad (IIM-A).

Post his master's he started working with the Boston Consulting Group for 3 years as a consultant.

And later in the same year, he co-founded a company called UrbanClap with Mr. Varun Khaitan and Mr. Raghav Chandra.

UrbanClap was rebranded as Urban Company by Abhiraj Bhal in early 2020.

Mr. Abhiraj Bhal led Urban Company to help users book and avail services from trained professionals at their homes.

Mr. Abhiraj Bhal takes care of operations and service provider onboarding at the Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap)


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