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Posted 20 Aug, 2020 |

Why are the Vedic Mathematics getting much popular?

VedicWellness University

university | Posted 21 Sep, 2020

Mathematics has always been one such subject which I have been running from throughout my life. I guess it could be the same for many reading my post as well. Most of the students today fear mathematics. They find it difficult to understand and comprehend. Therefore, such a system can be adopted, which makes them understand the concept while making it fun. If we use the Vedic system of mathematics, we can make the subject easier and fun for the students. Vedic mathematics provides more than one solution to mathematical problems. Vedic mathematics helps in solving technology-related problems in a quick and effective manner.

Many scholars and researchers have done their research on the relevance and importance of Vedic mathematics in the current education system. How Vedic mathematics can be used in computing the decimal system as it reduces time in solving the equation. It also saves time during examinations like SAT, GMAT and even CAT. Incorporating Vedic mathematics from Lower grades will help in sharpening their minds and skills. It is one of the fastest mental math systems. It can make calculations easy from doing algebra to trigonometry. The applications of Vedic mathematics are relevant even today in the field of computer and technology.

The Vedic mathematics has innumerable benefits which makes it a promising option to be implemented in the current education system. It does not require the use of calculators or remembering any formulas. It provides creative solutions to difficult problems. It helps in developing the intuition ability of the students. The most cumbersome and tedious of questions can also be solved with ease and convenience with quick results. It helps to apply the knowledge practically and understand the concept in a better way.

Vedic mathematics system also provides a set of independent cross-checking. It also provides flexibility and enough choice, which makes the mind clear and increases intuitive abilities. It very nicely complements the regular mathematics taught in schools. It also improves concentration and boosts the confidence of students. It understands and analyses the link between different branches of mathematics and provides a better understanding of the subject. It also helps in connecting spiritually with God. Takes away the fear of Math completely. So If your child has Math-Phobia, Vedic Math is a Fun-Filled way to do Math and arises interest in your child.


The relevance of Vedic mathematics is still prevalent. The modern-day system of mathematics says that Vedic mathematics is the world of perennial knowledge. These concepts should be taken to schools and should be added in the curriculum. Vedic mathematics is relevant for times to come. The concepts will help children apply them practically and in real life. Our Vedas are full of knowledge, and the history of mathematics is proof. Some of the most significant discoveries have been done in India and used by other countries later. The Vedic system which works on providing knowledge with religious and spiritual beliefs has chances of survival and validation and can be applied across various disciplines.