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Trishna Dhanda

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Why Black Marketing of Empty Oxygen Cylinders in Delhi and Noida has shoot up?


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Though every one of us hoped that all the sufferings, all the restrictions due to Covid 19 will come to an end in 2021 and the New Year will bring freshness and relief but who knew last year that the New Year will bring the New Coronavirus Strain, a more devastating wave of the Coronavirus. Nothing has changed since last year, the sufferings have increased and these are not enough for India as it seems during this time, Oxygen demands a prior place. People are suffering from breathing problems and are in great need of Oxygen, Especially in Delhi/NCR. Industries are failing to supply oxygen cylinders because of high demand.


Common people are dying due to a shortage of oxygen and to make the situation worse, people are dealing with Black Marketing of oxygen cylinders or it's better to say that black marketing with their lives. The situation has gone out of hands as none of the Hospitals in Delhi and Noida has empty beds, ventilators are fully occupied in every hospital.

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  In India, it is reported that people are caught while black marketing oxygen cylinders. They are taking money up to 20 thousand rupees for one cylinder and this is not the only crime, these accused are buying empty cylinders for 4000-5000 thousand from Delhi and selling them for 10,000- 20,000 thousand rupees per cylinder in Noida. Though police are tracing and catching these accused, there are so many to get a trace of. The situation is getting worse and uncontrollable with each passing day. Let us hope that all will be fine as many corporations and countries came forward to help India with liquid oxygen. Hoping that all this corruption, black marketing will be seized. India will see a new ray of hope. Good days are not far away. Let us help each other and maintain all the restrictions and stay away from corruption. If you come across this black marketing, please inform the police immediately.


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