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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why did Kim bring his toilet along?


Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

Kim Jong-Un's Singapore visit was the first time after 32 years, that a leader from North Korea set a foot outside their country. As a dictator he may have so many enemies inside his country as well as in outer world. And his ***** and excretion will have information about his health and he don't want to reveal any viable information about to his health to the world. That is the reason behind his carrying of portable commode.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

For everyone following world affairs, The Trump Kim summit held on 12th June in Singapore was a landmark meeting between the heads of two states who have been in adversarial positions with each other for a long time now. And while the details of the meeting were held back for the day, what caught the world’s attention was Kim Jong-Un bringing his own portable toilet along with other goods which also included a bullet-proof limousine!
Surprising right? While it may seem like a perfect plot for a political satire movie (and it probably is), this has awed journalists and reporters around the world. But, according to North Korea’s Supreme Leader’s delegation, this step was taken to make sure that no one could gage into the mighty Kim’s personal health by taking a look at his stool (not weird at all) – but then again, when you are dealing with America and Trump at the same time, you can never be too sure.
In fact, according to reports, the Supreme Leader was so paranoid that he even started with proxy flights from Pyongyang to evade any ambush attacks. Guess that is what happens when you lead a totalitarian necrocracy for too long!
And while the world may be obsessing over the toilet and Trump Kim summit weirdness ratio, the talks seem to have been fairly successful according to further revelations from the President’s office. Let’s find out how –
For starters, the war games which are an extended RPG for the United States army base in South Korea are supposed to end and President Trump has talked Kim Jong-Un into denuclearizing the whole country! If all of what is promised is achieved, then Trump should arguably be the next President in line for the Nobel Peace Prize (who would have imagined that after their battle on twitter turf that things would pan out this way).
Guess social media is hocus pocus after all.