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Why do you like the fault in our stars?


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"The Fault in our stars" is a book by John Green. The title has taken inspiration from Act 1, scene 2 of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, in which the nobleman Cassius says to Brutus, "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,/ But in ourselves, that we are understanding". The novel is a symbolic parable emphasizing the importance of living life.


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The book is one of those books that you can not stop reading. This is not a read and forget type. It is warm, light-hearted and deals with a sensitive and tragic issue like cancer in such a subtle way. The major characters of the book Hazel and Gus teach us that we cannot let an illness like cancer affect our enjoyment in our life. The book is precious. It tells you not to give up at
any moment of life. The only motto of life should be to lead a happy and peaceful life. It is a rare book that is full of light and emotions.
The most engaging thing about this book is the dialogue. The dialogues are very inspiring.
The author wonderfully conveyed the importance of the present day. We should live by our present without giving vent to the past and future. We should always try to live every day to the fullest as if it is our last day. Our past is gone and the future is unpredictable, thus thinking about them leaves nothing but an unending sorrow and tension.
"The fault in our stars" is something that is for everyone, it appeals to everybody, as it pulls on your heartstrings and makes you giggle. It shows how valuable love is, how short is our life, how to enjoy the simplest moments of life to the fullest and how a person can influence our life most simply. The book is highly recommended for readers of all ages from young adults to romantic fiction fans. The language is simple yet effective. Every word in the book leads to meaning to the story. This book is a "must-read" for the one who wants to enjoy life and a way of starting life all again.


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