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Why doesn-t Lord Vishnu always meditate like Lord Shiva?


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See really we dont to need dwelve and make certain about words we are inquiring. In truth Lord Shiva never thinks and regularly Lord Vishnu likewise doesn't reflects ordinarily, But for certain reasons and to set up Dhalrma Lord Vishnu additionally contemplates a few times exceptionally and basically in his Avatars.
In any case the state the two of them are in is Sat Chit Ananda, past Triguna in Tureeya awastha, Bramhanandawastha.
They dont need to think even Bramha Gyanis likewise dont need to reflect they went past duality they are additionally in a state far away from tarnistoryness and torment of both torment and joy. Truly from perspective of Bramhanada awastha, the best delight of material is simple agony in correlation. The state is finished great past time perpetual ecstasy. A these delights additionally have levels Upnishads talk about it wonderfully . Like The Most upbeat individual on planet earth would be the person who is sole Authority Grand King of Earth, Like in Satyuga happened Raja Ptihu in whose name this world is named, who has smoothed the enormously lopsided pieces of earth, isolated the seas and began everything under his Guru.
So the most joyful among men is who King of whole earth, having 1000 years of life atleast , consistently remain youthful and sound having all abundance heartfull regard of his subjects, has effortlessness and favors of all Brahins and Rishis and Gods. Assume this a lot of people joy is One unit, than 100 units joy is with Gandhrawa Loka all individuals, than multiple times Yaksha Loka, Than multiple times more noteworthy to Vidhyadgras, than 1000 more prominent than that to indra, Than to sat, jan tapa, than to bramhan loka, than multiple times is Vakuntha, 100000 more than that is in Kailasa and Goloka Multiple times more is Divya Kailasa , multiple times more is in being inhabitant of Mahakaali Mahakaal Loka, multiple times is Manidweepa and there is one which lacs time more prominent than all.
However when Jeevatman liquefies in Parmatma that Ananada is exceptional that is past time that is most noteworthy . Being Parabramha Parmeshwari in ShaktiShiva loosing own character turning out to be One The Shiva You dont exist yet delight one becomes Shiva like a flood of sea softens back in him, Nmh Shivay



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