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sushil seo

digital marketing | Posted 19 Nov, 2018 |

why naxalism is on rise in india?

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted 22 Nov, 2018

On 25th May 1967 in Naxalbari village, West Bengal,  police opened fire on agitating farmers. 11 people including 2 children were killed in that incident. This unpleasant event was triggered the already agitated people like Charu and Kanu who were following Mao's ideology. Charu was the father of Naxalism and Kanu became the first Naxalite.

The main aim of Naxalism was to help poor and uneducated people to get their rights. In the initial days Charu started the agitation against British people before independence. But even after the independence there was no justice for beedi workers and other estate workers. So he helped those workers to get their right.

But after some time the gap between the government and the naxal groups widened and the naxalites took violence as their weapon. Instead of peaceful dialogues the naxalites started depending on kidnappings and killings of government officials.

The naxal group which started in eastern India, now spread to Assam, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and even to deep southern states like Kerala. It has become a headache to Indian government and states governments to eradicate naxalism.

The main reason for the rise in naxalism in India is poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. We can say illiteracy is the main culprit. Because uneducated people didn't know the difference between genuine people who wants to help them and the miscreants who are using these innocent people to spread violence in India and make our country unstable.

As they are poor, they want to earn money by all means. So the poor people came to nexus of naxalites and started doing killings and kidnappings. As they get huge amount of easy money, naxalism became their way of living.

Lastly our neighbouring countries are supporting these naxalites financially and helping them with arms and equipments. Locals and naxalites are helping each other. So it is very difficult to catch these naxals. And they are in rise in India.