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Milan Chatterjee

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Why visiting the dental clinics in Singapore is beneficial for oral health?


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If you are suffering from any oral problem for even a short time that may hamper your regular food habit as well as normal oral functions. Also, the pain suffered during a dental problem is immense and if you ignore then the condition may become worse. As we know ‘prevention is better than cure’, so visiting a dental clinic for any oral condition or even for a regular dental checkup is utmost effective.

Visiting the dentist twice a year may fill you with dread, as suppose you are not suffering from any dental-related issues, but it is way better than putting off visiting a dental clinic for a long period of time, while you face a critical dental problem and which may cost you a heavy amount. Hence regular visit in the dental clinics in Singapore can help keep your pearly white tooth in good health.

Benefits of visiting dental clinics

As a dentist can inform you what to avoid for keeping your dental health in good condition and also spot early warning signals that something is wrong, which is very important from all measures, so you can prevent the condition, which can arise up to a vital level. Thus visiting a dental clinic on a regular interval is the best way to save on implants, crowns, root canal and dentures, which are very costly dental surgeries. Here we will focus on some dental treatments applicable to the different dental conditions are as follows;

1. Dental implants:

In scenarios like missing or infected teeth the dental implant procedure is applied, which are a stable type of denture that connects to titanium abutments implanted in the jaw's bony tissue, which used to replace missing teeth, preventing movement of the remaining teeth and restoring normal oral functions as well as aesthetics of your face structure.

2. Dental crowns:

After the surgical insertion of the dental implant, replacement tooth/teeth in the form of a crown, with bridge or denture are placed over the implant. This is a very popular as well as an effective type of dental restoration procedure, here dental crowns are used when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth, which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant.

3. Root canal therapy:

In such conditions, where the pulp gets infected or inflamed due to either deep decay or fractured tooth due to fall, that cause us much pain and can’t retain our normal oral functions, here the root canal treatment is prescribed by the dentists. This process involves the removal of the pulp tissues to save the tooth, it a type of filling services which prevents further destruction of the infected tooth by filling those areas to prevent further entry of bacteria.

4. Dentures:

In case of missing tooth permanent or removable dentures are applied, in order to restore the shape of the jaws and other oral functions, in these method plastic teeth and gums are molded to replace missing the teeth and gums. These dentures require proper maintenance, to remedy the chewing and speech-related issues, as suggested by the dentists in Singapore.


So here we discussed the most cost-effective issues related to your dental health, so as we mentioned earlier ‘prevention is better than cure’, hence by regularly visit an affordable dental clinic in Singapore you can retain your oral health and continue your normal functions. Also visiting for a dental checkup for at the early stages will definitely save you from suffering immense tooth pain, as well as save the condition from getting worse. As a person’s real beauty comes out when he/she wears a beautiful smile and for that, a perfect pair of the tooth is the most vital thing.


Pt Chevalier Family Dentist | Posted on

The various types of dental procedures that are available in the dental clinic are:


A bridge is a stable option of replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. It is formed by taking an impression of the surrounding teeth, which eventually give assistance to the bridge. A bridge is generally formed from precious metal and porcelain and will be fixed in the mouth (unlike dentures, which can be eliminated).


A crown is a form of cap that covers a real tooth in a complete manner. It is formed from either metal, or porcelain and metal, and is secured in the mouth. It can be fitted where a tooth has decayed, broken or been damaged, or just to make the appearance of the tooth look better.


Fillings are utilized to repair a hole in a tooth that is caused by decay. The most common form of filling is an amalgam, made from a mixture of metals involving silver, mercury, copper, tin and zinc. Affordable dentist generally provides the most suitable type of filling in accordance to the individual clinical needs.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment prevents infection at the center of a tooth (the root canal system).During the time of root canal treatment, all the infection is eliminated from inside the root canal system. It generally needs 2 or 3 visits to the dentist.


Braces (orthodontic treatment) move or straighten teeth in order to improve the teeth’s appearance and how they work. They are also removable in nature so one can take them out and clean them.


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