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With reference to Indian history, which are the essential elements of the feudal system?


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In Europeans sense, feudalism portrays a bunch of proportional lawful and military commitments among the champion respectability, spinning around the three key ideas of masters, vassals, and fiefs. Be that as it may, in setting with old India, the framework progressively created from the start of the land awards.

The act of making land awards to the Brahmanas was a uniquely, purified by the orders set down in the Dharmashashtras, Stories and Puranas. The Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata commits an entire part to the commendation of making endowments of land (Bhumidanaprasamsa).

The Land Awards and Managerial Rights

The early Pali writings of the pre-Maurya period allude to the towns conceded to the Brahmanas by the leaders of Kosala and Magadha. A term utilized for such awards was "Brahamdeyya".

Most punctual Land Awards

The most punctual land awards having a place with the principal century BC were given to the Buddhist ministers and Brahmanas and other strict foundations. Be that as it may, in the post-Guptas period even authoritative authorities were conceded land. The landed recipients were given the two forces of tax collection and pressure, prompting the breaking down of the focal power. The common beneficiaries of the awards and the self-sufficient holders of land are for the most part named as fief holders and free holders. The significant result was decentralization.

Nonetheless, the Most punctual epigraphic record of a land awards in India is a Saatavahana engraving of the primary century BC, which alludes to the award of a town as a blessing in the Ashvamedha Penance. In any case, it isn't clear, regardless of whether the regulatory or income privileges of these grounds were additionally given to those ministers or not. It has been speculated that the regulatory rights were maybe surrendered without precedent for the awards made to Buddhist priests by the Satavahana ruler – Gautamiputra Satakarni in the second century Promotion. Such a land award incorporated the rights that :

The imperial soldiers couldn't enter such land allowed

The public authority authorities and area police shouldn't upset such grounds.



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