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After doing 12th science what should i do?


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Passing 12th is considered the end of the first phase of life in itself, so passing 12th with Science can safely be called the passing of an era.

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Jokes apart, please know that if you have passed 12th standard with Science, you are free to choose any line you want. Even if you are considering to move to Humanities or Commerce, you are free to do that.

In case you are passionate about what you have studied, there are a hell lot of options out there for you. Check here all the career options for a Science student. If not anything else, Engineering is one career that most of the Science students pursue.

But if you are not interested in any such regular courses, here are some unconventional ones that can be considered by anyone, who thinks out of the box.

You can also prepare for civil services exams and other government job exams. Some course in a foreign language can bear good fruits in the future too.

Animation and Graphics designing is one career option that is interesting as well as well-paid due to being highly demanded these days.

The advent of technology has created a huge demand for students who have expertise in Science, both medical and non-medical. So engineering and medicine are not the only career options that a Science student can pursue after 12th.


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