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Charan P

@ @letsuser | Posted 03 Oct, 2018 | Education

Posted By: Charan P (Posted 09 Feb, 2019)

How to check Andhra Pradesh land records in the mee bhoomi website

Mee –Bhoomi is an official land record website officiated by the AP government to ease the hassle of record tracking. The portal comes in handy for the Andhra Pradesh citizens as they don’t have to visit land offices. This also caters for the recovery of all documents thus curbing cases of lost …

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Posted By: Charan P (Posted 09 Feb, 2019)

Microfinance: A Way Out for the Poor

Microfinance also known as Microcredit, is one of the banking services that looks into financial needs of unemployed or low- income individuals and groups. Although many institutions in the microfinance sector offer financial assistance, others tend to offer additional services like business …

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Posted By: Charan P (Posted 09 Feb, 2019)

Time to Rethink the Corporate Tax System

Is it the correct time to rethink corporate tax system? This is the question which most managers are asking themselves considering the fact that corporations view taxes as a painful but necessary cost of carrying out their business. Most corporations are now coming up with new methods of maximising …

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Posted By: Charan P (Updated 17 Jan, 2019)

What are the Payslip components and their importance

For any employee, it is important to understand the various components present in the salary slip and this will help in understanding his salary and know the net salary of the employee. Here we are presenting a government employee pay details who is working in BSNL shown in their ERP ESS portal.

The …

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Posted By: Charan P (Posted 08 Jan, 2019)

How to Setup and Configure Airtel 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Router

Airtel Company has released a portable hotspot router that you can use in creating hotspots in order to access the internet. Owners of this hotspot router can make use of 2G, 3G or 4G internet speeds from any location of their choice. However, you will first have to setup and configure the hotspot …

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Posted By: Charan P (Posted 05 Jan, 2019)

Nijapada Darshanam in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams

Nijapada Darshanam Seva is a weekly ritual for Lord Srinivasa in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams. This type of Seva attracts quite a number of devotees who come to see Lord Venkateswara Swamy Feet without any ornaments. In a normal situation, you will have to cover Lord’s feet with Tulsi leaves. …

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Posted By: Charan P (Updated 27 Dec, 2018)

How to Get Universal Account Number (UAN) at EPFO India Portal

The Universal Account Number or simply UAN is a must have for every employee whether in the private or public sector. This 12-digit number is allocated by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to every employee who has registered with this organization. With UAN, you will not have to …

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Posted By: Charan P (Posted 27 Dec, 2018)

How to Check your EPF Balance

The Employees’ Provident Fund is a savings tool for all employees in India whether in the public or private sector. Both the employer and employee are involved in making equal monthly saving which can then be accessed once a person retires or is rendered jobless. The EPFO allows its members the …

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Posted By: Charan P (Updated 03 Oct, 2018)

How to Check Airtel Broadband Usage

Many people are currently relying on the services offered by Airtel Broadband Connection in order to access the internet. This is due to the fact that Airtel provides cheap and fast internet speeds making it easy to browse or download anything that you wish. However, you may sometimes be caught …

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Vansh Chopra

Can we check it for other broadbands the same way?

Ram kumar

This information is really useful! Thanks!