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Could the rise in pollution hit monsoon rains ?


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Yes. Definitely. It is confirmed in a report submitted in a air pollution conference organised by World Health organization in Geneva. The report was co authored by Nathan Borgford-Parnell, who is a science affairs advisor at climate and clean-air coalition.

The main impact of rising air pollution in India will be less rains and more precipitation in some areas depending on its location. And duration and distribution of rains will also vary.

The existence of particulate matter PM 2.5, a dangerous tiny pollutant can affect precipitation patterns during the monsoon season in India.

The brown haze over the North Indian sky could foretell  the drought in the future.  It is caused by smoke from burning of the fields after crops, liquid pollutants released in the air by factories, plastics thrown by residents and air pollution caused by vehicles.

 These liquid pollutants around the sky is called aerosol cloud. It is the main culprit which is affecting the level of rains in our country. Aerosol decreases the speed of winds near the earth's surface thus resulting in less rain.

These aerosol cloud absorbing the sunlight and preventing it from reaching the earth.  This cools down the earth's surface, which leads to slow winds in the atmosphere and faster winds at higher altitude.

Slower wind stops the evaporation of water from ocean and other water bodies , so no formation of clouds. Even if there is evaporation, the water deposits in the pollutant particles only. Hence no chance of cloud formation. No cloud means no monsoon.Letsdiskuss


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