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How big is an acre?


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What is an Acre? 
An acre is described as the unit of land which is either used for commercial purposes or residential. An acre of land denotes the cost of the land. The acre of land can be in different types of shapes such as rectangle, triangle, circle, square etc. One of the most commonly found shapes of a land area is 1 furlong which is also known as 66 by 66 feet. To measure 1 acre of the land, there is a length and width which equals 43,560 square feet. Therefore, 1 acre of land equals 43560 sq ft. The two major types of acres are: 
Commercial Acre: it is different from the residential acre because on a commercial acre, the government is subjected to any construction of a building or malls or govt property. These are generally found in large cities. 
Residential Acre: these are the land areas which are owned by the citizens of the country and are basically the land area for the construction of houses and personal things. 
How long is an acre?
 The only practical answer to these questions will be the shape of the land. Yes, how long is an acre, how much is an acre of land or how much land is an acre will only lead to one point that the shape of the land will decide the dimensions of the land area. The shapes of the lands can differ from triangle, hexagonal, or even circles, accordingly the dimensions would also be different from one shape to another. 
For instance, if one has to visualise how big an acre of land, it can be done by picturing almost 60% of the soccer pitch or on the other way, 75% of any American football field. 


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