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How to Crack IIT JEE Advanced Exam?


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Letsdiskuss year approx. 12 lac students appear for JEE Advance Exam, and approx. 2 lac are selected for JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is a very competitive exam in India. To crack the JEE Advanced Exam, Student should follow a well-structured plan and a hard routine. These are the following tips which help a student:

The student should learn all the formulas of physics and math.

Should learn derivations of the formula.

Should concentrate on topics which scored more.

Solve previous year JEE Advanced practice papers.

Do regular revision

Read NCERT thoroughly

Don’t take so much stress, leave all the tensions. Be confident. Follow your routine, revise as much as you can. Focus on application based topics. Solve the last 5 years question paper will help you a lot. Take a balanced diet and proper sleep. Stay relaxed.


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