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Vishnu Dhwaja Pillar In Qutub Minar Complex


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The head of Iron column in Qutub Minar complex had a Vishnu Chakra and furthermore a Vishnu picture at the top.

The image on the left portrays an archeological reproduction. The recreation has been given by prof. Balasubramaniam, educator of Metallurgical designing at IIT-Kanpur, who practices on the Iron column

Its unique name was Vishnu Dhwaja, as recorded in the Gupta period engraving all over.

The column was a Dhwaja of Vishnu sanctuary. Iltutmish plundered it from the sanctuary, executed the article at the top, and set it as "triumph prize" in the areas of Quwwatul Islam Mosque (in a real sense signifying "might of Islam" mosque)

Column shows a constrained cut at its top

The Iron column is a declaration to significant level of ability accomplished by antiquated Hindu Iron smiths. It has withstood consumption for a very long time.

One motivation behind why Muslim kings basically appropriated the column as opposed to crushing it. They couldn't have made such a column

Source: Indian History of diary and science 39.1 (2004)

Luckily, we have an enduring Gupta time Vaishnavite Dhwaja Stambha from Eran (Madhya Pradesh) which discloses to us how Iron column would have looked like before its annihilation and reappropriation in a mosque

Column has pictures of Vishnu and Garuda at the top and is dated to 484 CE



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