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Was Akbar really as great as written in our school books?


teacher | Posted

Meena Bazar was an occasion, that was explicitly for the ladies of officers, and notables of the urban communities. Nouroz Fair was likewise composed in Meena Bazar at premises of Agra Fort where Akbar and some other striking men were welcomed. In Nouroz Fair, there was a custom to pick excellent young ladies for the delight of Mughal men.

When Akbar discovered one lady, Kiran Devi, during the occasion and adulated her excellence. Regardless of he realized that she was the little girl of his partner Shakti Singh, he pursued her.

Akbar pursued Kiran and impeded her direction when she was separated from everyone else. Akbar offered to go through a night with her. Kiran Devi presented herself as the spouse of Prithviraj Rathore, one of the nine diamonds of Akbar's court, still Akbar couldn't control his desire. He drew nearer towards Kiran. At next second she immediately hopped towards Akbar and took out the blade from her chest. She said the accompanying to Akbar while squeezing his chest with her feet.

I'm the Rajkumari of Mewar. I will murder the foe, or pass on, yet never give up. We are Mewaris who bounce in the Jauhar fire, as opposed to fall in disrespect of give up.

Akbar wasn't expecting it from Kiran and he immediately asked for pardon. Kiran Devi put a condition that Nouroz Fair will never be held again. Akbar concurred on it and hence she absolved him. Akbar left with quiet and disgrace all over.

An individual who doesn't regards ladies can never be incredible.



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