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What are some of the most useful inventions made recently?


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Fitness bands are definitely one of the most useful inventions in recent times. While it's sad that many people treat the gadget as a token of their status quo, it is hitting the mass consumer market thanks to its growing affordability.

These bands have already refined the fitness industry. And as they advance in their core features in the coming years, they can make a big difference in helping people maintain solid health.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Tech Radar) 

3D printing is another invention that, although in the initial stage at present, has the potential to leave a big dent in different sectors. In particular for inventors, the 3D printer scan help them design and test new products quickly and at cheap. It has many other applications, including in training and teaching, which can literally revolutionize the education sector.

 (Courtesy: 3dprinting.com)

Aside from these two, of course, there are many other useful inventions.

It's not "recent", but AI-based applications and devices, too, come on this list for the mass popularity and access they have gained in recent times. So many of us use AI assistants on our Smartphones now. So, that's pretty cool and useful.

 (Courtesy: Forbes)

These umbrellas….

(Image Courtesy: Bored Panda)

(Image Courtesy: Bored Panda)

(Image Courtesy: Bored Panda)

This Toothpaste Squeezer can be a favorite of all Indian mums…

This scale-rule fountain pen would be a pretty cool addition for students' geometry…

 (Courtesy: Kickstarter)

There are also many futuristic invention that has happened in recent times that look too good to be true.

A team has built a brain-to-brain communication device that can connect three people to talk, using their brain, without verbally talking. Read more on this here.

We now have phones that can shoot a million frames per second. Read more on that here.

Scientists are running trial runs of anti-aging medicines which, if comes in the market, can literally change the world as we know it. Read more on that here.

These are a few cool and most useful inventions that I found to be quite fascinating when researching for the answer. Again, of course, there exists plenty more. 


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