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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | Entertainment

What are some style hacks to hide belly fat?


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Seems like someone is planning on skipping the gym… :P
Jokes apart, I can totally relate to your problem, being a lazy foodie myself. But when it comes to dressing up and flaunting your fashion skills, the heart wants what it wants and your stubborn body curves, muffin top, and belly fat can’t stop you from looking chic.
Just for this reason the fashion world has some styling hacks to hide that muffin top for you. Here are some of them.
1. High-waist pants and skirts
Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Iconic)
High-waist pants and skirts help you hide your belly fat very effectively as the bulging tummy is tucked inside. A t shirt or shirt tucked in and released slightly out may also help hiding the tummy further. Pencil skirts do the same trick.
2. Flowy and lengthy tops
 (Courtesy: Pinterest)
The flowy dresses are in trend and just your thing. They make you look slim without any effort and are comfortable as well. Peplum tops can also be given a try.
3. Flaired kurtas

 (Courtesy: Ritu Kumar)
They are your rescue outfits for every traditional function. There’s a reason Anarkali is preferred by all women alike –nothing hides your belly as beautifully as them.
4. Layers

 (Courtesy: Who What Wear UK)
It’s the time to make-believe. Layers can take the attention from where it is least needed, that is, your tummy.
5. Wrap dresses and pleated trousers
 (Courtesy: mango)
Classy and comfortable, wrap dresses don’t let even an ounce of your fat be shown. Pleated trousers with knotted belts are also in and give you a different style statement.


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