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What are the ways you can lower your colon cancer risk


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The fundamental way to lower risk of any disease starts and ends with a good diet and proper exercise. (Both of which are something the majority of the population dread.)

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This is just as true if you're looking for ways to lower your colon cancer risk.

It starts and ends with the right diet and sufficient exercise.

But that said, let's look at the 4 ways objectively how to lower your colon cancer risk:

(I) Start Exercising Everyday

A study concluded that exercise has a relative risk reduction of 25 percent. (Source)

So, get physically active in your daily life. Join a gym or fitness club, like MMA, swimming, and soccer.

If you can't spare that much time then start walking more. Walk to your office or college. Walk as much as possible and whenever you get the time.

Working out also helps you keep your weight in check. And this further helps your case in lowering your colon cancer risk. 

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(II) Eat healthy food

Eating vegetables, fruits, and whole grains have shown signs to decrease the risks of ***** cancer. In addition, reducing your intake of red meat, junk food, and too much carb also helps in the process.

So, audit your diet. See what you're eating on a daily basis. And then replace your comfort food with healthy items. 

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(III) Get screened

60 percent of patients don't know about their ***** cancer even when the disease is in the "local stage". And this significantly increases their mortality rate.

So, even if you don't doubt it -- and colon cancer is a far-fetched idea -- you should still get screened to detect the disease in its early stage (if any). And this is more important for people past the age of 40.

Talk to your GP. Get recommendations on specialists and which tests are appropriate for you. 

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(IV) Stop smoking and consuming alcohol

You already know about more than enough reasons why you should stop smoking and consuming alcohol. Add to that list that it also helps you lower your colon cancer risk.

Long-term smokers are more likely to develop colon cancer. Similarly, those who consume more than two drinks a day, they are more at risk of this disease.

So, say goodbye to smoking and drinking. If you're an addict, take professional help immediately. 

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These are 4 ways how to lower your colon cancer risk.

In addition, also talk to your parents if there's a family history of this disease. If yes, you're more likely to be at risk and you should seek doctor's opinions urgently.

Stay healthy. :)


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