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Tony Abraham

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What corruption have you experienced in your life?


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Corruption is no longer a stigma or sin not only in India, even around the world. No one is bothered either giving bribe or ashamed of taking bribe. Corruption is entered in human beings’ system. It will not be easy to erase corruption from any where in the world.

My experiences on corruption is a lengthy list. Long time ago when I was driving a scooty even before applying for Learners licence, I was stopped by the cop. As I was late for the test in the school, I gave 50 Rs. to the cop in order to relieve me soon. That was long back and I was immature then.

Some times back when I was trying for a school seat for my son in Bangalore,  the management of that school expected some 40,000 as a donation to get an 11th standard seat. My son got excellent marks and apart from that they wanted money as a bribe. Me and my husband refused the seat and got better school for my son without donation.

It is a never ending list. Every government office corruption is there. We have to give money to get license, gas connection, water connection, school seat,... The share of bride is divided among peon to officers in most of the offices.

Recently I went to a famous temple and the pujaris or those who dressed like pujaris approached us in the temple premises and promised us a quick and special darshan of the deity if we give money. If it is not corruption then what?

Lastly I and my family members applied for a voter ID card before the general election in May. This month (August) only we got it via a personal delivery man. When delivering the cards, he demanded 30 Rs for each card. He demanded money against his conveyance expense and personal delivery. We had to give him the money because he was making noises at my door.

Corruption is injected into our blood. If only people like you and me refuse to give bribe, it will reduce significantly. Otherwise no chance for corruption-free country.

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