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What do Conservatives mean when they call people “leftist”?


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For those in the extreme right end, leftists are the radical libertarian who are evil. Perhaps I may be stereotyping here but it’s true. Right and left-wingers stand on the polarising end of the scale, inflexible in their beliefs, closed to newer ideas, living in their own respective bubbles.

To be more precise, at least in India, here’s who the conservatives refer to as “leftists”:

● People who want to take away their (right-wingers’) right of freedom of expression for their own rights.

● People who believe everyone -- irrespective of class, culture, gender, and other divisions -- are equal with no hierarchical structure.

● People who are too politically correct to admit facts as they are.

● People who take ignorance as rationality.

● People who don’t take ownership and self-accountability, and always criticise the government for every possible thing.

● People who believe it’s government’s job to create a utopian society.

● People who believe the government can (and must) solve all the socio-culture problems.

● People who blend their beliefs and values per their convenience. (For example, the leftists believe in absolute freedom of speech. BUT they make exceptions and arguments if the conservatives use the same rights to freely speak.)

● People who are enemies of the Hindus. (Very India-specific.)

● People who seek government intervention even on the tiniest of social issues.

● People who assume that the government is their opponent.

● People who contend for free market with free trade. However, when it comes to social factors, the government must take the Keynesian measures to benefit the lower classes.

● People who are feminists.

● People who are pro-abortion - who believe that killing a baby is okay as long as she/he is in mother’s womb.

● People who, for women’s problems in different facets of life, blame patriarchy and regressive cultural values. They fail to realize the equal opportunities that women, today, enjoy.

Understand, that leftists are the extreme end of liberalism. Much like how radical right-wing is to conservatism.

Talking about liberals and conservatives, both sides have equally right (and wrong) ideas and propositions. The problem is, so is our society shaped today, we don’t think to co-exist with each other. We are made to choose one over the other. This is why it’s extremely difficult to find a centrist today.

India has always been a liberal society. However, following, general election 2014, conservatism in the country is pushed to radical right-wing. And in the garb of defending liberal society, many liberals pushed themselves to leftism, another extreme end of the political spectrum. And the worst of all is that even the media has fallen in the same mix of divisive political ideas. Instead of playing the role of a mediator that shapes centrism, Indian media is further widening the gap.

The hypocritical political correctness of the leftists must be called out just as much as the hate and bigotry of the right-wingers.

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