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What I should do when I feel stuck and not happy at all at work?


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Well, it’s okay to not feel happy at work sometimes, but it’s not okay to feel stuck. If your work is making you feel stuck, I would suggest you to change your workplace or job. If it’s just an infrequent unhappiness that you keep feeling now and then, then you should let it pass away like a difficult phase.

Please know that dissatisfaction with your job and unhappiness with it are two different things. I love the job I am doing right now, but the work pressure often lets me feel unhappy with it. There are some aspects of my job that I can’t help but dislike but that doesn’t mean that job is not for me.

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There are people, however, who dislike their jobs so much so that it is nothing more than a burden on them which they are bearing because it gets them money. It’s in this situation that you feel stuck, not in the former. If that is the case with you, I would suggest you to change your workplace and seek a better and more positive working environment.

I am assuming that you are just temporarily unhappy at your work, and this can be worked out.

First you need to figure out what aspect of your job is making you unhappy. Are they colleagues, work pressure, difficult boss, travelling, or the office premises. Once you are done with figuring out the problem of your unhappiness at work, seeking a solution would be easy.

Given below are some of the potential solutions to make your life better and easier at work:

• Rekindle the friendships and relationships with your colleagues. You might have had fights, arguments, disagreements, etc. with your colleagues which is common at any workplace. But you should not go on to bitter the relationships with them. At workplaces, one should learn to agree to disagree, and of course, forget and forgive.

• If the travelling and office hours are your problem, try to communicate it to your boss and work it out with her/him. The company might make timings a bit flexible for you, if you make them realize your situation.

• If the problem is a difficult boss or work pressure, again, the best solution is to communicate and negotiate. Also, pay attention on time management and keep yourself up to date (in fact a step ahead) in relation to your boss.

• Keep taking short breaks in between the work. It boosts you and you can start over refreshed. It will also increase the quality of your work.  

• Don’t rush into things. Keep it slow and steady and you will surely win the race.

All the best!


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