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Nahida Akterr

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What is love defination?


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An invisible attraction, a desire to sacrifice everything, love between two persons' minds, love between the bodies, lust, if passion is from society, passion is from God, devotion to God, attachment to things.

Love is the state where all thoughts, all desires are confined and concentrated on one point. The mystery of your alien is erased, and only you want to be lost. When love manifests in its purest form - unreasonable, uncharted - then the temple is built.When love succeeds, life becomes the essence. When love succeeds, life turns into a meaningful, gratitude and blessedness.
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Love is no business, no transaction, only surrender, lost in a couple. At the same time, the ego believes in keeping a distance, the ego makes petty, shrinks, makes it very small.

Where there is ego, there is no love, because the ego wants ownership. The more the effort is achieved, the greater the distance becomes, the greater the distance goes; Because love is not violence, property is violence, where there is jealousy, love is not possible. Where there is love, jealousy is not possible.


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