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What is the reason of conflict between Palestine and Israel?


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We are talking about Israel which is the world's only Jews country. The war between Israel and Palestine is not new. But yes, the war has taken the shape of a monster again now in 2021. The conflict revolves around a piece of land known as Palestine. Israel always wanted to rule Palestine entirely. But Palestinians were always against their one-party ruling decision.

Few points related to the Israel-Palestine conflict

1.According to Israel, entire Palestine belongs to them. Palestinians argue that it can not be ruled by Israel as it belongs to Palestinians.

2. Britain aimed at providing or developing homes for the Jews who belong to Palestine. And so the Balfour Declaration was even formed. But by that time, Arabs had already captured a major portion of Palestine.

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3.Jews got the support of the International Community when they claimed Palestine to be their own home. But Arabs were rigid in their decision to occupy the whole of Palestine.

So no one was ready to leave even an inch of land. Then several fire attacks were made at several places and it called for the death of many.

Israel was able to capture the maximum land. But still, in 2021, the war is on for the same issue.


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