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Aditya Singla

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What will the winner get in Asia Cup 2018?


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Let’s not even tip-toe around the fact that we don’t already know who will win the Asia Cup 2018. All the respect and credits to Bangladesh for playing so well and qualifying in the finals. But they are no match for India.

India vs. Bangladesh, Asia Cup 2018 final: India wins and becomes the champions. Period. 

(Excuse me if this over-confident prediction goes wrong ;)) 

Now coming to the question as to what the winner of Asia Cup 2018 will get… a big, prestigious trophy to begin with.  

(Courtesy: Daily Pakistan)

The winning team will also get some prize money. I don’t think this amount has been disclosed in public; I couldn’t find. But in Indian currency, the winning sum could be anywhere between one and ten crores. Also, the player of the tournament and best bowler would be given cash prize. Again, how much, it’s not confirmed. But it could be between ten and fifty lakhs.  

Additionally, the cricket board of the winning team might decide to bestow bonuses to the players who have played well. So, more money to the likes of Rohit, Dhawan, and Dhoni.  

(Courtesy: Times Now)

I am not sure about the exact figures. These are just the estimations and guesswork taken from other similar tournaments. If you find the official numbers, do share.


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