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Trishna .

Self-Starter!!!!! | Posted 19 Apr, 2021 |

When and How did Oktoberfest Begin?

Jacob joseph

Healer, writer | |Updated 20 Apr, 2021

King Louis I, while still a prince in October 1810 got married to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and as was customary the Bavarian marriage reception was a celebration that was extravagant and on a large scale. The opulent Bavarian royalty conducted these festivities on the grounds facing the gates to the city. The invitees were citizens of Munich. The celebration included a parade and culminated with horse races in the presence of the royalty of Bavaria. Royalty wanting an encore of the celebration brought about an “Oktoberfest” in successive years.

The year after the wedding the Bavarians wanted to host the event to promote Bavarian agriculture, an aspect of the original event that prevails even today. The Oktoberfest has since then become a Bavarian tradition. A million gallons of beer and all forms of alcoholic beverage is central to the participation in the celebrations at the Oktoberfest of today. The parade which was a part of the first royal celebration also became a staple at the event since the year 1850. Over 8000 people from across Bavaria, dressed in traditional costumes walk through Munich to what is now called the official grounds of the traditional Oktoberfest.

A cholera epidemic in 1854 claimed the lives of three thousand people and this resulted in the cancellation of the celebration of the Oktoberfest. Tragically the event was canceled in 1873, again due to a cholera epidemic. Despite intermittent cancellations due to wars, the event in 1880 was extra special with booths and tents being brightened with the use of electric lamps.