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Which are the one or two incidents that made you become a fan of Karna?


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Not a couple, there are numerous occurrences which made me a devotee of Karna.

Let me make a rundown of such episodes ?

His commitment towards parshurama.

His dauntlessness when he tested the sovereign of hastinapur.

His foundation

His discussion with ruler Surya.

Discussion with ruler krishna

Discussion with kunti

Discussion with bheeshma.

At the point when he prompted duryodhana to make drona the authority rather than he himself.

His adoration for his non-permanent parents.

At the point when he adulated his deep rooted rival arjuna.

At the point when he exhorted duryodhana to quit scheming against pandavas and rout them in reasonable battle.

At the point when he really acknowledged why he fled from gandharwas.

And so on and so forth… .

However, from these episodes, Karna and bheeshma's discussion is my preferred occurrence. We can rattle off all the great characteristics of Karna by alluding only this one discussion.

Let me reveal to you why:

Bheeshma consistently offended Karna, he even called him ardhrathi in front all the fighters.

Yet at the same time when bheeshma fell, Karna went to Meet him and he even sobbed for bheeshma. This shows how kind and delicate Karna was yet couldn't really show his this side in light of the circumstances.

When karna went to bheeshma, he alluded himself as Radha's child. This shows his affection for his non-permanent mother.

He was sorry to Bhishma for his cruel words.

He even acknowledged that he generally annoyed pandavas. This shows his trustworthiness and second thoughts.

He actually acknowledged that he's not ready to leave the enmity towards Pandavas and didn't give any reason.

He said that he can project away anything for duryodhana even his life. This shows how faithful he was.

So in this one discussion, we can see Karna's graciousness, his adoration for his temporary mother, reliability, genuineness, acknowledgment for his missteps and so on and that is the reason this is my preferred episode.



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