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Which Maurya defeated Alexander?


teacher | Posted

No Mauryan Defeated Alexander.

However, it is said that while returning, Alexander confronted numerous rebellions in his excursion and most likely those rebellions were driven by Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta Maurya additionally scholarly Greek way of Fighting in Alexander's military, after that he left it. At the point when Alexander was returning, he gave over his areas to his three fighters. However, Chandragupta Gupta Defeated them and turned into the King of Sindh and Punjab.

After that Chandragupta assaulted on Magadh (Patliputra), and won it after a few endeavors and turned into the leader of Magadh. After the he overran the entire north India.

Here Alexander passed on during his excursion and Selucus Nicator turned into the Emperor of the Middle east and established Seleuid Empire. At the point when he came to realize that Punjab and Sindh are added by Chandragupta, he came to India again to retake them, yet when he came, India was not any more a gathering of Small realms (Janpadas) however he needed to battle with the incomparable Mauryam domain (Mahajanpada).

A few researchers accept that he lost the war yet some accept that he didn't battle because of the dread of losing. Chandragupta requested that he wed his little girl with him and make family relations. Accordingly the relations eastablished and Westen limit of India got protected from the unfamiliar Invasion for a Century.



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