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Chhavi Tyagi

digital marketer | Posted 12 Sep, 2019 |

who is the owner of facebook?

Rohit Rohit

@Rohit | Posted 13 Sep, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of the Facebook. I think everyone knows this.

Rose Martine

Blogger | Posted 13 Sep, 2019

I think it's very simple and easy question.

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook.

Chhavi Tyagi

digital marketer | Posted 12 Sep, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg was the developer of facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in white plains, New York
Mark has been very interested in programming in elementary school. When Mark was about 12 years old, he created a messaging program using Atari BASIC, which Mark named "Zucknet". Mark's father used this program in the office of his teeth so that the welter of the dental patient (the person standing outside the dentist's office) could come into the room to inform a new patient without shouting.
The Zucknet program Mark had created was used by Mark's entire family to interact indoors. Then Mark made a computer game for entertainment with his friend. To maintain Mark's growing interest in computers, Mark's parents hired personal computer teacher "David Newma" to come home once every week and work with Mark.
Not only this, Mark also created an intelligent media MP3 player in his secondary school which used to make the list of an MP3 player, in this list, the user's activity would automatically create the MP3 list that users want to listen to.
In 2003, Mark zuckerberg got the idea to make FaceMash on a summer evening. Mark decided to hack Harvard's database where college students also upload their profile photos. Mark soon created a program that shows images of Auto2 female and runs voting on who is more beautiful than the two. Voting is done by the people who visit the website, that means the people who visited the website were the voters.
A lot of people / traffic came to this website in a very short time. The server was also crushed as the number of traffic increased.
After this accident, Mark was accused of hacking because Mark had taken the photo by hacking the database and the site Mark had created where the girls had voted was also wrong. So Mark was called to the committee for this and everyone was listening to Mark, that if they did it wrong, then they did it, but nobody was saying that Mark had so much Smile has done the work easily in such a short time, so this intelligence of Mark should be used.
And then now comes Mark's biggest project, Facebook. Which the whole world uses. Mark had made Facebook like his other program in a short time.
First Divya Narendra came to Mark with the idea of creating a social network site. Divya Narendra Twins was the participant of the tiler and cameras Winclavos.

XIPHIAS Immigration

Manager | Posted 12 Sep, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg