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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why is sexual harassment faced by men taken for granted in India?


Thinker | Posted on

India is a country which is deeply rooted in the structure of patriarchy (yes, even in 21st century!), and hence I don’t think anything related to men in this country is taken for granted.

When it comes to sexual harassment, I don’t think I need to put numbers and graphs here to prove that such cases happening with women are exponentially greater in number than those happening with men. Moreover, more than half of these cases go unreported, unheard, or untreated. Even then, if you are able to ask this question, leaving all the why’s and how’s about sexual harassment with women, I don’t think their cases are being taken for granted.


On the contrary, I’d say that you are contributing to what I call the second cycle of patriarchy and sexism which has lately been started as a counter-narrative against the emergence of feminism in India. The most visible example of it is more people supporting the accused male actors than the victimized female actors in the ongoing Metoo movement in Bollywood. I think that’s the reason why the movement is unable to cross the boundaries of Bollywood and come on roads and gullies of India.


Earlier, women were just afraid of being unheard or the undeserved defamation they would get from the society. Now, when they finally decided to throw off these fears and come out, mustering their courage, our society has found another way to mute these voices. Now these women fear what would happen if they are unable to prove the allegations, because our society still supports the cause of men before women.

Looking at this scenario, I think men in India are empowered enough to raise a voice whenever they face any kind of harassment (no matter how negligible it seems in front of the harassment faced by women).

So the direct answer to your question is a big NO. Anything related to men in this country, is not taken for granted.  


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