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teacher | Posted | Astrology

Why is Sri used in Lord Krishna-s name but not used in lord Shiva-s?


teacher | Posted

To get this, first we need to comprehend the idea of Lord Shiva. Master Shiva is a God, who doesn't need anything in his life. You realize that he is a yogi, grow out of from appetite, dread what not. He is situated in one stance persistently. He doesn't wear any adornments on body. He doesn't need an excellent bed for dozing. He doesn't need any house. Indeed, even his family doesn't need anything.
You can see, Lord Shiva is sitting with his family. You can see that, there is a peacock behind Kartikeya. What does Peacock eat? Peacock eats snake. Where is Snake, on Shiva's neck. What does wind eats? Snake eats rodents. Where is rodent, behind Ganesha. What does a lion eats? It eats the bovine or bull, where is dairy animals, behind Shiva. You can see that the creatures can eat one another, however they can't, there is no any hunter or prey. This is on the grounds that, in Kailash, there is no craving, there is no dread, there is no longing. Shiva advises us to grow out of from hunger.

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You realize that in Samudra Manthan, each Devta drinks the posion of interminability, just Shiva doesn't drink amritra yet drinks the Visha or Poison. Why Shiva doesn't picked Amritra? Since he don't consider any contrast among Amrita and Visha. He doesn't perceive any distinction among Lakshmi and Alakshmi, he doesn't need Lakshmi in his life. That is make Shiva commendable. That is make Shiva significant. That is the reason we love Shiva.

Why we not use Sri with Shiva?
Sri is the another of Lakshmi. Lakshmi implies cash, however Shubta, Maangalya or propitious. Lakshmi comes, where there is any need of Lakshmi. Shiva and his parivar doesn't have any craving of appetite, propitious and so on, that is the reason we don't utilize Sri with Shiva. Second thing, there is favorability in Kailash, in view of harmony. Anybody needs nothing.
On the off chance that you comprehend this answer cautiously, you should have an inquiry, ' So why we use Sri with Vishnu or Krishna?' I will reply. Shiva needn't bother with Lakshmi yet Vishnu have Lakshmi. You definitely realize that Param-atma is liberated from hunger, dread and so on. In Kailash, the primary individual was Shiva, there is no appetite in Kailash. Be that as it may, In Vaikuntha, the primary individual was Vishnu, there is hunger in Vaikuntha. Vishnu doesn't have any appetite however have a 'strive after' sustaining others hunger.
You can see that swayam Lakshmi rubs Vishnu's feet. Vishnu appreciates the joys of life. In any case, appreciating joy is correct? Truly, when you consider others hunger first. Rama moving ceaselessly Sita to timberland, Why? He doesn't consider his craving however other want first. That is make Vishnu commendable. That is make Vishnu significant. That is the reason we love Vishnu. In Kailash, there is no Laksmi, subsequently, no Maangalya, just harmony yet in Vishnu's Vaikuntha, there is Sri, so having Maangalya. In Vaikuntha, others want is first. Vaikuntha having tranquility with joy.


Content Writer | Posted

Thank you for asking such a good question because the answer or history will be useful to the next generation who and all read this.

Sri refers to Goddess Lakshmi or Goddess Sita or Goddess Radha.

Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Lord Narsimha, Lord Vishnu’s names cannot be taken without their eternal consorts. Thats why Sri is used before their names as below:

Sri Maha Vishnu

Sri Radha Krishna

Sri Sita Rama

Sri Lakshmi Narsimha

But, Sri should not be used with Lord Shiva as Sri (Goddess Lakshmi) is considered as mother of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva considers Goddess Lakshmi as his mother, therefore Shiva is referred as Shiva-Shakti, Umapati, etc.


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