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Ajay Paswan

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Why is the new Gillette Ad being criticized and boycotted by men?


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Well, before my opinions form or reshape your opinions, I would like you to watch the advertisement yourself and see how you would read it:

Now, let’s talk about the video.

It started with showing one of the most important movements of the 21st century –Radical feminism, and its offspring #MEtoo movement. Taking the cue from there, the advertisement redefines the “masculinity”, telling men that it’s time to give away the old and stale notions of manliness and see what the 21st-century society demands of its men.

To put it more simply, it encourages men to move beyond their “men will be men” attitude, and to become good role models for the boys who look up to them for their future building.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: DOCEO Creative)

Although the advertisement does not seem preachy or didactic at all, there are, of course, men out there who just can’t take this blow on their masculinity like what they call themselves -“men”. They are creating ruckus all over the internet saying that they won’t buy Gillette products from now on as the brand is not letting men be men anymore. Some say that it’s an attack on manliness who has done wonders in the world (much wow!).

This tells us that there are still people out there who are just not ready to end this centuries-long male-female dichotomy and embrace a pro-humanity attitude.

 As soon as the Gillette ad went live on Youtube, the hate comments started pouring in and the number of dislikes exceeded the number of likes by a huge difference. Claims are also being made that only women are liking the video, thus interfering in the matter which is not theirs –men toiletries (as if this is not being done with women since ages).

We all should take a hint from this incident and ponder over where our so-called “progressive” society is heading to.

We, as the member of society, just can’t take a narrative which challenges our notions for good. We call ourselves “radical”, but deep inside, there is a conservative hidden in all of us.

gillette-ad-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: news.com.au)

The breaking of stereotypes is all okay and cool as long as it’s favoring the community or group we belong to. It is the first Gillette ad which asks men to “get better” in a radical way. Until now, all the Gillette ads have functioned on the stereotypical notions of masculinity.

Now the current advertisement is being dubbed as the critique of all men, while those like me read this narrative as the critique of a certain kind of behavior that needs to be given up for a better societal set-up. It does not harm anyone if men are taught to be a bit more thoughtful, concerned, courteous, and sensitive. And that’s how a man can be his best today.


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