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ankit Sharma

Director | Posted on | Education

Do you think less of people who are terrible at math?


Entrepreneur | Posted on


I mean I used to. But things have gotten better.

Don't we all judge those who are terrible at math? Don’t we all think a little less of them?

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In India, the education system has shaped a see-through culture where math and science are held as almighty among other subjects.

The majority of the people still look down on Arts stream and everyone who have opted for it. I literally have seen parents ask their children to not to go for Arts because, well, it's "easy". (If only the world knows!)

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So, yes, in India, math is revered high. And I was one of them who promoted that idea.

I am an engineering student. So, naturally, I was devout of the subject. And anyone who was terrible at Math, I wouldn’t necessarily hold for them a higher opinion.

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However, down the line, things have gotten better… Much thanks to my Son who isn't very drawn towards Math. While I would worry and stress over this due to my own hardcore math background, it became better when I adopted a much-liberated outlook.

He doesn’t have to like Math. If he doesn’t want to study math, beyond the allotted curriculum, he doesn’t have to. There are so many opportunities - the better ones at that - that doesn’t require math.

So, my understanding is at a much better position in this context. I am fine with him not being inclined towards Math. I now have a neutral outlook towards people who are terrible at Math.

The world doesn’t have to care about Math and people who likes or dislikes it. Just like it doesn’t care whether someone likes Economics, History, Anthropology, and Geography.

All said though, it is indeed a great flaw of our society, India's in specific, that overvalues math and science. Moreover, it is sad that people who are terrible at math are looked down. I hope over the course people get the right perspective.


Fitness trainer,Fitness Academy | Posted on

Well, I don’t because I myself am terrible at math. And I don’t like people who judge me or anyone on the basis of the proficiency in just one subject. I mean it is not any compulsion to be good in Math in order to succeed in life, is it? Also, it is no like if you are weak in math but good in other subjects, you are not smart enough.

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I really don’t like those people who think that knowing math or being expert in it is the criteria which decides whether you are intelligent or not. I believe you can be intelligent if you only know the basic calculation which comes handy in day to day life and are expert in other fields of study instead of Math.


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