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How can I prepare for IIT JEE Chemistry and Math?


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There are two aspects to this question…

One, technical – how to prepare for IIT JEE for both these subjects (like, what books to read, what chapters to cover, what concepts to focus on, and so forth).

Two, holistic – how to prepare for IIT JEE (like, what are some good habits, how to retain more information, how to learn better, and more).

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Now, of course, the technical aspect is something your teacher or coaching center would help you with better. They would recommend you the right books, explain to you the theories, make you understand the different concepts, prepare you adequately for the right question patterns, provide you insights in the topics, and simply prepare you technically to slay on the test day.

So, if your question concerns the procedural end, you’re better of asking that to the teacher or whoever is teaching you. In fact, avoid even Google here. With an abundance of information available online now, it could get quite confusing pretty quickly for you. You will be lost in the middle of all the “advice” and “suggestions”. Personalized assistance from your teacher is the best solution here to methodically learn Chemistry and Math for your IIT JEE exam.

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Coming to the second aspect of the question, the holistic one…

Of course, just like preparing for any test, personal habits and commitment are the two most important things.

Indeed, IIT JEE is one of the most difficult entrance tests in the world. But the fundamentals of how you prepare for it – and how you crack it – remains the same.

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If this is the career path you want to steer towards, the next few steps are quite basic…

• Get in touch with the right teacher or mentor. When it concerns such a big and important entrance exam, DIY isn’t something you should rely on entirely. 

• Maintain a consistent routine that isn’t unrealistic or restrictive.

• Have a friend who’s preparing for the same exam? Explain to them. When you teach others, you learn better.

• Eat the right and healthy foods.

• Take out time outside studies to do things that you enjoy.

• Keep your phone and laptop away when studying.

• If you get distracted easily, use the Pomodoro technique.

• Get enough sleep every night. NEVER force yourself to stay awake for long hours.

• Don’t waste any time. For instance, when you don’t feel like studying anymore, take a break from your book and use that time to watch educational videos. Use every minute to learn.

• Don’t try to remember, try to understand.

• Try as many sample papers and mock tests as you can in a simulated environment.
These are some basic tips on how you can prepare for IIT JEE Chemistry and Math, or any test for that matter.

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In the end, understand that this isn’t an end-all-be-all thing. Even if this doesn’t work out, don’t get disheartened. Try another time. Or simply have that self-introspective discussionto really conclude that this might not necessarily be a true calling for you.

I hope this answer helps!

Good luck :)


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