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Nidhi Thakur

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What does our country India need most?


Software Developer | Posted

Our country India is a paradox in itself.

It wants to achieve 5G whereas in some places, electricity is still a privilege.

It has the best examples of paradoxical growth.

For eg.. Mumbai- the land of the riches, is also known for having Dharavi.

What India needs is:


1. Better Banking System

2. Better education System.

3. Better job creation.

4. Better Health System.

5. Better learning ecosystem.

6. Better road connectivity.

7. Better railway connectivity.

8. More airports in major cities.

9. Better Infrastructure 

10. Better Telecom sector with more options 

11. A much safer environment for women.

12. Faster and better Judicial System.

13. Better think tanks.

14. Better political leaders.

But most importantly, India needs a better and more educated Non political class right now.

Because it is always the non political class of a nation that decides its fate .

We need more leaders and better audience who can make better think tanks who have the will to change and improve the situation to sit at a position which can impact the nation. 





















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