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Who are the top 20 strongest warriors in the Mahabharata?


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I will incorporate the Yadavas here too alongside the Kurus and others. This can be a long one. Along these lines, the rundown will be of the whole Mahabharata period:
  • Lord Krishna: I don't figure anyone will have an uncertainty about this. The Supreme Godhead was the most grounded hero of his period.
  • Ruler Balrama: The part Vishnu and manifestation of Ananta Shesha and the senior sibling of Krishna was a strong champion. He simply lost to Lord Shiva in his life  
  • Arjuna: The center Pandava is unquestionably the best and the most persevering fighter of his age, if the best two awesome creatures are rejected.  
  • Pradyumna: The child of Lord Krishna and the manifestation of Kamdeva, albeit less known is a lethal champion to manage.  
  • Karna: The piece of the Sun God was his very own fearsome champion make and had an incredible profession, consequently setting up his name as perhaps the mightiest hero of his age.  
  • Bhima: The most grounded fellow actually after Balrama.  
  • Ashwatthama: Although substantially more damaging than Karna and Bhima, he is positioned underneath in light of the fact that he scarcely had any accomplishments when contrasted with the two of them.  
  • Drona: The fighter Brahmin was a superb general, familiar with fight developments and complex exhibits, himself having divine rockets and weapons.  
  • Satyaki: The furious Vrishni was a remarkable hero as he was not a manifestation or mythical being. Advancing into the best 10 of the time is a mind boggling accomplishment.  
  • Bhishma: The last blood Kuru, albeit old, was a significant impediment for the Pandavas and triumph.  
  • Abhimanyu: The most daring champion known to us, this youthful chap won hearts for his thirteenth day execution. He is positioned a ton beneath the others, since he performed uniquely on the thirteenth day.  
  • Ghatotkacha: The evil presence child of Bhima and Hidimba had been a mjor cerebral pain to the Kauravas, particularly on the fourteenth night.  
  • Bhagadatta: The leader of the Pragjyotisha was known as the best elephant contender of his period. His elephant had even made Bhima retreat.  
  • Duryodhana: Often misjudged, the oldest child of Dhritarashtra was a decent bowman and the best mace warrior of his time.  
  • Yudhisthira: The oldest Pandava was a decent champion and furthermore had some heavenly weapons. He was known as a grear wielder of the lance and lance.  
  • Shalya: The leader of the Madras was an allrounder and unquestionably a decent resource for Duryodhana.  
  • Vrishasena: The youthful child of Karna was an owner of incredible expertise and aptitude.  
  • Nakula and Sahadeva  
  • Upapandavas  
  • Dushasana



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