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Does AMC Theaters offer matinee prices?


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Yes. AMC Theatres breaks their pricing scheme into (3) one of a kind units respectively. They are as follows:


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Yes. AMC Theatres breaks their pricing scheme into (3) one of a kind units respectively. They are as follows:

AM Cinema, Matinee, and Prime. 
I will listing a few information under, primarily based off of actual statistics within the LA market. Please understand that pricing varies substantially depending on a) what AMC region you go to, and (b) what marketplace that theatre is in. (i.E. AMC Century City within the LA market). 

Now to reply your query and complex a few... 
-AM Cinema (Open - 11:55am) is your cheapest guess, providing the high-quality bang for your dollar. Prices average among $6 - $7.50 consistent with price tag, irrespective of age. 

-Matinee (12pm-3:55pm) is next in line. Prices common between $nine - $eleven per price ticket, regardless of age. 

-Prime (4pm - Close) is the maximum high-priced, as it is also the time when maximum guests come to look a film, for this reason the time period prime. Prices average between $12 - $13 in keeping with ticket. This is the pricing scheme whilst age can come into play, offering inexpensive tickets for children and a dollar off for seniors. 

Additional notes:

-Any 3-D film will be $4 extra on top of a everyday ticket, regardless of age or time. Any IMAX movie may be $6 extra. And any IMAX 3-D film might be $7 more. There is also AMC's model of IMAX, referred to as ETX, to be able to price additional. 

-AMC gives senior day (where's it's about $7 all day for those fifty five+) on Tuesdays, and scholar day (in which it's about $7 all day w/ valid student I.D.) on Thursdays. Military reductions take impact in prime set, typically a couple dollars inexpensive than general admission. 

-Hours of operation vary primarily based off of how busy a area is expected to be. 

-For some places, if the usage of Costco tickets, extra surcharges might also practice. This everywhere from $1.50 - $3.50. (Personal opinion: AMC truely messed up in this one. Save yourself the frustration and do not pass Costco price tag course.) 

Side note: AMC dine-in theatres and/or newly renovated plush recliner places may additionally have specific pricing systems. 

Formerly an AMC Operations Manager...


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