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How can every Indian exercise right to vote?


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In everyone's mind there is always a question that why should they cast their vote, as the leaders of any party is not helping in improving their standard of living.  Whichever party comes to power , nothing is changed except the face of the PM or CM . But one cannot punish the system for the outcomes of the happenings.

Our constitution gave us some fundamental  rights . Casting our vote in an election is one of them.  So we should exercise our right.

Greater the number of voters who voted in a election, better the result will me. In a democratic country numbers reflect the accuracy of the people's mind. So if a MLA or MP who wins with a largest number of votes shows that the election was fair and good.

If we refrain ourselves from voting , we are helping the wrong people to come to power.

Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people. So we should participate in our part of democracy.

In India it is impossible to make voting as compulsory. In 2014 general elections, 814.5 million voters were eligible for voting. If 10 percent of people refuse to vote, how can the government punish such large number of people? So it is practically impossible.

Voting is a fundamental right of free expression. It naturally includes freedom.   So we cannot make it compulsory.

We can make every Indian exercise their vote by advertisements and promotions by famous people,  spreading the bad consequences of non-voting, arranging an easy and fast way of voting.  It should be carved in Indian voters mind that voting and selecting the right person to govern the country is their fundamental right.


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Disclaimer: My perspectives may not be totally right, thusly, consider this response for illustrative purposes just, and not as a definitive view point on the Constitution of India or the rights/obligations recorded in that.

To comprehend why the Right to Vote is a perceived right and not only an obligation under the Constitution of India, it is urgent to comprehend the distinction between a privilege and an obligation that we have as a resident of India - or as a piece of the majority rules system that is made by the individuals and for the individuals.

At the point when you have/or are supplied with a right, you can authorize that privilege legitimately in the Court of law, if or when that privilege is disregarded or encroached upon. Certain rights are perceived by the Constitution of India (that can't be lawfully detracted from you). For example: Right to Equality (Article 14 in The Constitution Of India 1949), Right to Freedom (Article 19 in The Constitution Of India 1949), Right to Life and Liberty (Article 21 in The Constitution Of India 1949) among the other significant ones. These rights somewhat, are additionally globally conspicuous by relevant bodies like the United Nations.


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