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Is Lionel Messi Has More Power at Barcelona Than the other Coaches ?


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In 2019, Forbes named him as the highest-paid athlete in the world, touting $92 million in salary and $35 million in endorsements.

He is the six-time winner of Ballon d’Or, including in 2019 –highest by any player.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: CBS Sports)

He has the most assists in La Liga. He is the all-time highest goal scorer in La Liga.

He is the top goalscorer in the Champions League.

He is Barcelona’s all-time top goal-scorer.

(Courtesy: Bleacher Report)

He holds Guinness World Record of scoring the most goals in a year.

There are countless such Lionel Messi records.

And in 2020, as The Sun suggests, he can break 20 more records. (Read that article here)

So, it isn’t such a big deal that Lionel Messi has more power in Barcelona than the team’s coaches.

(Courtesy: FC Barcelona)

It’s not surprising. It happens in many sports. After a point, an athlete becomes bigger than the sport itself, let alone the team or company she/he is working for.

For instance, Connor McGregor is now a bigger name than UFC, the company that employ’s him.

(Courtesy: Fox Sports Asia)

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In the Indian Cricket Team, the captain has always had very high power in making calls. Although the coaches are always considered, the captain flexes the most muscle behind the curtain. Virat Kohli likely has more power than anybody in the team.

LeBron James is bigger than basketball.

In his prime, Mike Tyson became bigger than boxing.

Tom Brady is the biggest name and likely has more power in calling shots than anyone in Patriots.

So, it happens… It happens that athletes get bigger than their team, team management, team owners, and the sports itself. This happens very occasionally, only for those who are excellent in their craft, have an exceptional track record, tout cult-like following, and have high bragging rights.

Lionel Messi is certainly one of these athletes. He is such a big name for the team, so crucial for their victories, that Barcelona’s management must do whatever Messi says or suggests. Thankfully, we haven’t heard of him making uncalled demands in the team.

(Courtesy: TalkSport)

It’s basic: when you’re so good that your boss begs you to stay in the team, even when you’re a ***** to them. In this case with Lionel Messi, he’s the best at what he does – and he’s one of the most humble individuals in the sport. So, he ought to have that position in the team where everyone listens to him, including the coaches.

In that context, the latest revelations by a journalist saying, “At this club, the coach isn't the boss. He doesn't determine how the team plays. The team's style of play is largely determined by the players, in particular by Lionel Messi.”

And, “Messi's low charisma and habitual public silence are deceptive. Although Barca won't admit it, Messi has unspoken veto power over most player transfers, coach appointments or major tactical decision[s]”


As mentioned, every great athlete with high bargaining power does this.

It’s a whole different case though – much serious – if these powerful players, in any sport and team, use their position to do politics in the team. That is the worst. Messi doesn’t do that – not at least how the journalist above has portrayed the remarks.


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