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Ramesh Kumar

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The future of data centers and its role in the IT industry


The servers and other components like storage systems and network equipments like routers, switches form the Data Centres. Data centre's main goal is to make sure that all its systems run efficiently .

Data centres store the data of customers, manages websites of clients, optimizing the service, improve the performance of the business sites. Data centre is like nerve centre of business. It is compared to a nerve in our brain. It should run properly for the business to run smoothly.

 Global IT traffic will increase 3 folds times in 2023. And it has increased 127 folds from 2005 to 2021. And without IT there is no data centre. IT people in Data centres are concentrating more on increasing speed, storage, cooling, sharing, security, virtualization and so many other things.

The future of data centres are very bright only. There will be a 10.2% increase in data centre companies.

 In the next 3 years, new data centre constructions will see a growth of more than 5 times.
2.3% of older data centres will be renovated in the next couple of years.

 There is no data centres without IT . IT people are the people who are building these network and data centres. The Future Of Data Centers And Its Role In The IT Industry is looking bright only.



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