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What are some common mistakes Indians make while communicating in English?


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On the one side, there isn’t any mistake really! As long as the other person is understanding what you’re saying, there’s no such thing as a mistake.

However, on the other hand, there are several of the technical and objective mistakes that Indians make while communicating in English that hinder the effectiveness of whatever they are saying.

• For the starters, setting a very high benchmark for yourself is a mistake. Many Indians try to talk the way Americans talk; they want to talk in their accent and pull the same fluency. If you’re one of them – STOP. Stop comparing the way you speak with theirs. Stop trying to talk like them. Understand that English is their native language. Moreover, they have that kind of an accent. So, even if you practice for a year or more, you would fail to copy them; your speech would come off as non-natural and even pretentious.So, stop setting an uncalled benchmark for yourself as to how you want to communicate in English. Stick to your original tone and style. 

• Second, Indians believe speed is everything. They try to speak in English fast because that’s what they believe fluency means. It is a mistake. Speed has nothing to do with how great you speak in English. There are many English speakers out there who are very effective and the best – yet they speak slowly. Barrack Obama is a great example here. He speaks slowly. He takes his time. So, when communicating in English, drop your chase for speed. It is completely irrelevant to how effective of a speaker you are.

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• Third big mistake Indians make while communicating in English is unnecessarily trying to use difficult words. Yes, when you use unique words or phrases, it does make you look sophisticated and whatever you’re saying sounds better. However, not many can pull difficult words all the time. Trying to use them in between sentences break the natural flow or fluency of your speech, casting a completely opposite impact of what you were originally hoping for.

• Fourth big mistake is that whenever they get a word wrong or they have misspoken, they usually lower down the tone of their voice. This looks quite bad, showing a lack of confidence. Even if you have said something wrong, maintain the same voice and don’t feel embarrassed. Keep up your confidence. Nobody cares if you pronounced it wrong or got the grammar incorrect. And if someone does point it out, simply play it off.

These are some of the mistakes Indians make while communicating in English.
At the end of the day, how well you communicate in English depends on your practice and consistency. Don’t try to be perfect. Try to be better than you were yesterday. Speak loudly and clearly. Keep yourself calm. Control your speech without focusing on the speed. And speak in English to make others understand your points and not to make yourself look better.

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