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What are some mind-blowing facts about Ramayana?


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Ramayana is epic that forever keeps on fascinating individuals even to them  who know less about it.It is an enormous repository of facts and information regarding lord Shri Rama and it's not possible for anyone to know everything.When it involves Sanskrit literature, there’ll be hardly anyone of the Hindu faith World Health Organization would haven't detected regarding the epic.

However, there area unit several things throughout this scripture that area unit neither told to anyone, and additionally individuals haven't paid any attention to that . This epic is filled with multitudinous attention-grabbing facts.


Everyone is aware of it had been Manthara on whose recommendation Kaikeyi sought-after Rama's exile. It is same that once Sri Rama was a small fry , He once playfully hit Manthara's hunch back along with his play toy that Manthara sought-after revenge through Kaikeyi.

  • When Sri Rama and Seetha JI were dwelling house among the forest, that they'd a swimming race throughout a lake wherever Lakshmana was the referee. Shri Rama was at first swimming quicker than Seetha JI.
  • When He realized She was unable to remain up along with his speed, He then voluntarily caught up and let Her end initial. He later told Shri Lakshmana that He forever needs to determine Her win and be happy.
  • When Sugriva was causing his army altogether directions to appear for Seetha, Hanuman, a brahmachari, was sitting uninterested in a corner, thinking it's unbecoming of a patrician to be so consumed by sorrow for a girl .
  • Shri Rama wished him to know the value of Seetha by creating him meet Her initial. therefore Rama selected Hanuman to travel south in search of Seeta.

It was time for Shri Rama and Shri Lakshmana to travel back to Vaikunta.

Yamaraj JI came in disguise of a rishi and asked to satisfy Shri Rama in camera . He additionally place throughout a condition that anybody World Health Organization intrudes their privacy ought to tend a death sentence.Sri Lakshmana was given the task of manning the gates whereas Sri Rama and Hindu deity rule JI engaged in their discussion. Just then rishi Durvasa JI came to satisfy Sri Rama and demanded that he be let in directly . Failing that, he vulnerable to destroy the full town of Ayodhya. Sri Lakshmana determined it's higher to easily settle for the death sentence than to let the city get destroyed.

Hence he entered Sri Rama's chamber whereas He was lecture Yamaraj JI.Sri Rama had to supply death sentence to His beloved Sri Lakshmana, therefore He sought-after recommendation from their Kula guru Sage Vashishta JI . Sage Vashishta JI then adviced Sri Rama that renunciation a beloved is sort of a death sentence. So Sri Rama then had to disinherit Lakshmana, World Health Organization eventually left for Vaikunta. When Sri Rama left for Vaikunta, He took every and every soul from Ayodhya with Him. the city then had to be repopulated by His heirs Sri Kusha before presumptuous rank.

Ravana's sister (Surpankha) was curious about Lord Sri Rama and fell crazy with Him.

When she approached Him, He affronted her by refusing her proposal. And not simply that, Lakshmana (Lord Rama's younger brother) additionally cut her nose to discourage her once she attacked mythical being JI to kill her. But She told falsity to her brother Ravana that she wished to abduct mythical being for her therefore she visited fight Rama JI.

Now, would a king forgive somebody World Health Organization has cut his sister's nose? No king, or person for that matter would forgive another one that harasses and harms their own sister. Would someone tolerate this? No, as a result of tolerating such a issue would be a criminal offense in itself.

So, Ravana kidnapped mythical being therefore on penalize his sister's honour. however it is also same that Ravana unbroken mythical being terribly with all respect because of worry to the bit a pure mythical being JI . once Lord Rama involves Ravana, his soul leaves his body as a bright light-weight and merges with Lord Rama. usually|this can be} often a story from the Adhyatma Sanskrit literature.

Sita wasn’t born to king Janaka. She was the girl of the divinity of earth, Bhumi. She was found by king Janaka throughout a box whereas tilling the globe as an area of a yagna, World Health Organization then adopted her as his girl considering her to be a boon from the divinity of the globe .

towards the highest , mythical being summoned Bhoomi Devi to want her back once finishing the Agni Pariksha.

Sita ji was AN incarnation of divinity Laxmi.

Once Hanuman saw mythical being applying sindhoor (Vermillion to non-indians) to her hair. He asked her what purpose it served to that mythical being replied that it had been for the well being and long period of time of Lord Rama. Then Hanuman unclean his entire body with sindhoor for the long period of time of Lord Rama.

Jai shri ram

jai jai sitaram 

jai shri laxman ji ki


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