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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Entertainment

What are the major differences between Bollywood and Hollywood?


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

I really love watching movies. Although I prefer Bollywood movies over Hollywood movies, still I like to watch them both. Being a movie buff, I came across lots of major differences between the both industries that I can share with you. Following are some of them that I could point out.

1. Quality: Of course, quality is the first difference. Hollywood movies are far beyond the reach as they make use of best technology, resources, and themes. It is absolutely clear that Hollywood wins the case.

2. Time of the movie: Hollywood movies are short and crisp and most of them are done in just 2 hours. Bollywood movies are slow, detailed, and have lots of twists and they usually are of 3 hours. However the latest movies are cut down to 2.30 hours.

3. Subject: Although both genres focus on subjects such as romance, thriller, suspences, and action, Hollywood is more inclined to sci fi movies and Bollywood focuses more on drama.

4. Technicality: Use of advanced tools and with high budget, it is natural that Hollywood movies have more attention to detail than Bollywood.

5. Animation movies: Hollywood comes out with perfection in case of animated movies and Bollywood lags behind.