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What is Dark Romanticism?


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Hey friends, are you aware of the meaning of dark romanticism? Well, there is not a single meaning of dark romanticism.

First we are going to discuss the most popular one. It has a literary genre meaning that has an emotional aspect which is very dark. Its meaning has a close connection with the literary meaning of 'transcendentalist'.

There is a possibility that the other definitions of dark romanticism are closely connected with the music, performance arts, and other artworks.

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Some people even think that its meaning is somehow related to the particular style of each individual and its perception towards looking at the outside world.

Have you heard about Gothic nature? Gothic nature is related with pessimism, cynicism, or obsession that further has a close connection with the meaning of dark romanticism. So its meaning is deeply emotional and dramatic along with having a passionate meaning.

The meaning of dark romanticism has a correlation with the sin that you have in you or you have made in some point of life.

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Dark side of society is often represented by the words 'dark romanticism'. People use these words to mean the darkness or not-so-good side of society. The American writers like Nathaniel Hawthorne and Emily Dickinson are the ones who represent this literary genre in the traditional American studies. Modern literature writers like Elmore Leonard have described the genres of hard-boiled detective fiction, and noir fiction using the words like 'dark romanticism'.

Dark romanticism is a genre that depicts a combination of objects related to traditional love like cute costumes, cupids, and visual heart shapes. The genre is also related to black color, and other Gothic elements that are distinctive.

Cats, Bats and other dark animal figures connected to western symbolism represent the dark romanticism genre. The genre even stands for supernatural aspects like witchcraft, and vampires.


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