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What is the fraud of distributing free masks in the name of PM Modi?


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Fraudsters are not missing out on miscreants in the name of Prime Minister, this is how data is hacked  .

A series of brainstorming and innovative scientific experiments are going on in the country and around the world for prevention and prevention of corona virus infection. Some people see this sensitive occasion as a good opportunity to warm their pockets. This gang is misusing mobile users by hacking their personal data by luring them to get Corona virus free mask for free.

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Smart phones send a link fraud to users' Whats app or text message inbox. Clicking on the link shows the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After that, the details of your name, address, mobile number and pin code are told that soon you will get corona virus free mask for free.

When asked in this regard, SSP Prabhakar Chaudhary told 'Amar Ujala' that many words appear to be written wrongly by clicking on the link. As if the mask is written as MaX. There cannot be such a serious error in a government website linked to the public. We have not even heard of any such government scheme.

This case will be investigated by cybercrime cell. Action will be taken according to the facts revealed in the investigation. SSP said that public should be alert, hackers can install remote access Trojan malware by sending links in your mobile .

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 After that, with the help of that malware, you can hack your personal data and withdraw money from your bank account or misuse photo etc. in any other way. So never take any such freebies or gifts or prizes or lottery related links seriously.


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