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Akshay Mehrotra

Student | Posted 08 Apr, 2021 |

Which is the safest country in the world for travel?

aakansha Tejwani

student | Posted 11 Apr, 2021

Travelling tranquillity is one of the best feelings. Travelling opens the way to new experiences, new views and culture, different traditions, diverse people and happy food and many more to count on. A traveller can’t stop herself/himself from discovering new locations to have fun. But the increasing safety issues cone in contrast to the wanderlust. Many places have become rude and unsafe for tourists and even native people. But, hey traveller you don’t stop here. There are many safe counties in the world to travel to.

Iceland, a country in Europe is considered to be the safest country in the world. Iceland is a country with a much low crime rate and low murder rate. Even the president of the country has no bodyguards so you can guess about the safety in Iceland. There are to animals to harm you. There are many countries that are unsafe only for a particular gender, race or community But Iceland respects every gender, race, community, religion and every classification of humans you can think of. Countries like New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Czech Republic, Singapore, Canada, Denmark, and Austria are 9 other safest countries in the world where you can travel safely and do not worry about crimes. The people of a country can only make their country safe. So what’s the next location on your bucket list?

Image source - azamara.com

Angelia Griffith

@Blogger | Posted 09 Apr, 2021

According to The Institute for Economics and Peace world ranking Iceland is the safest country in the world to travel.